Heifer International Spots

Jen Sweeney, the voice of Heifer International

I had the honor of voicing a campaign for an organization about which I am very passionate. Thank you John Crowley (one of my favorite engineers), Loudmouth Studio, and Soundscapes in Little Rock, as well as Heifer International for choosing me! Gift a goat or llama today!


Why My Clients LOVE me.

Hey Jen,

Just wanted to say one more time what an awesome job you did today!  We were under the gun on this one and you really pulled through for us!  It sounded perfect and the timing couldn’t have been better.

It’s really great working with such a consummate pro as yourself 🙂

Andrew Othuis Producer EXTRAORDINAIRE imgres

Agency 225 Denver Colorado


Voices Of The Week

Work is picking up and it’s basically CHRISTMAS in the booth right now. I know…right? I’m not ready either! Aside from the regular stuff  (thank the stars, planets and God for regular gigs) I got to play the voice of a Tiger and a robot this week which was thrilling! Sunspots in Orlando for the Tiger part and the folks at Adult Swim for the robot…well..it was really the Jen Sweeney version of Siri. I could do that read all day! Ha! The engineer laughed during the session when he realized he could make crappy edits that would sound GREAT! That is sort of what I did for my audition for that job. Just kind of butting things up close and making it sound somewhat stilted. For the Tiger part…well..it wasn’t a stretch for me to find my inner tiger. So close to the Cougar…which just comes naturally to me..(twirls on toes)… Grrrr Thanks for the work and the fun!



Successful ISDN/Source Connect Bridge Testing today!

Some of you know that I pulled the plug on my ISDN line a couple weeks ago after my A T and T Bill reached over $700.00 bones!  F*ck THAT!  Today I was able to use isdnbridge.com to successfully speak to Soundscapes in Little Rock AR.  I used source connect and they dialed me from their ISDN.  Other than the FOUR SECOND DELAY between me talking and my engineer talking (which is a really long time if you’re trying to have a conversation)…it worked!