Between 2 Stalls

Welcome to my NEW endeavor, my Between 2 Stalls Podcast page! Between 2 Stalls is hosted by Voice Actor Jen Sweeney. Jen has been around horses most of her life, and owns a ranch in NW Arkansas. Her daughter, Rhiannon, is an active competitive Equestrian, and a member Of USEF and USHJA. Jen’s broadcast, acting, voice acting and profound love for horses and current “show mom” status are what led to her creation of the B-2-S podcast. She’s usually traveling with recording equipment anyway for her voice-over career, so why not do a podcast too!

This podcast will consist of interviews with riders, trainers, show managers, horse show announcers, show moms, and anyone who plays in the land of the horse show world and culture, or who is just simply nuts about horses, like Jen is. Jen Sweeney has a way of making her guests feel relaxed and welcome, and she aims to bring not only knowledge and information about the horsey world, but also fun, entertainment, and humor to her audience’s ears.

Saddle Up Campers! It’s gonna be a fun ride!

Between 2 Stalls Session 2

It was my honor to take a moment at the 70th Annual Germantown Charity Horse Show this past May to interview the amazing Joey Brumbaugh. Joey is an Equestrian Trainer Extraordinaire from Free Flight Farm In Tulsa, OK!  Check it out!

Between Two Stalls – Session 1

Check this out! My maiden voyage podcast of: “BETWEEN TWO STALLS”! I don’t know what I’m doing but I had to start somewhere.  In this interview, I forgot to mention that my guest (MY DAUGHTER, BOO) had the honor to compete with Joey Brumbaugh and his team from Free Flight Farm. I’ll...

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