Between 2 Stalls Session 3: Interview with John McQueen of Queenie Productions

My daughter and I attended the Hippico Santa Fe Summer Horse Show Series this past July and had an ABSOLUTE BLAST! The series is produced by Queenie Productions LLC and  I had the great honor of sitting down and chatting with the master showman himself, John McQueen!  He mentioned to me that he had a theatre background which makes perfect sense now that I’ve attended some of the bigger rated shows.  There is an art…a craft and definitely a theatricality…is that a word?…to presenting a top notch rated horse show.  I have to apologize because the wind was an issue the day of our interview and it pummels the mic a bit but hopefully it takes nothing away from this very wonderful, funny and vibrant man!  Thanks to Maddi Skrak, Media Relations Coordinator at Hippico and Mary Neiberg for the lovely photo of Mr. McQueen.


Between Two Stalls – Session 1

Check this out! My maiden voyage podcast of: “BETWEEN TWO STALLS”! I don’t know what I’m doing but I had to start somewhere. 

In this interview, I forgot to mention that my guest (MY DAUGHTER, BOO) had the honor to compete with Joey Brumbaugh and his team from Free Flight Farm. I’ll get better at this but…here we go!

Oh and for those interested, we were IN the barn IN a stall when we recorded this on my iPad with my Apogee mic! Please share if you feel so inclined!