Why My Clients LOVE Me.

Hey Jen, Just wanted to say one more time what an awesome job you did today!  We were under the gun on this one and you really pulled through for us!  It sounded perfect and the timing couldn't have been better. It's really great working with such a consummate pro as...

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Voices Of The Week

Voices Of The Week

Work is picking up and it's basically CHRISTMAS in the booth right now. I know...right? I'm not ready either! Aside from the regular stuff  (thank the stars, planets and God for regular gigs) I got to play the voice of a Tiger and a robot this week which was...

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Successful ISDN/Source Connect Bridge Testing today!

Some of you know that I pulled the plug on my ISDN line a couple weeks ago after my A T and T Bill reached over $700.00 bones!  F*ck THAT!  Today I was able to use isdnbridge.com to successfully speak to Soundscapes in Little Rock AR.  I used source connect and they...

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Jen makes 98-9 Liberty POP! She is easy to work with and her out takes are hilarious! Get her for your station today!

Bill West from 98.9 LIBERTY

I’ve sent Jen the most ludicrous scripts, from a Russian accent on a Russian bride order line to pharmaceutical babble like ‘the FLT3 receptor has antiproliferative and proapoptotic activity in hematological cell lines and VEGF-receptor tyrosine kinases.’ She knocks it out beautifully.

lazlow, Audio Producer, Grand Theft Auto games

Stated simply- Jennifer is the most versatile voice over artist that I know. From hard sell to soft sell, high drama or low, comedy, irony, sincerity, educational,instructional, motivational, sad, sexy, sweet and dare I add, even Shakespearian- she delivers it all with unmatched style and professionality. Though I have known and worked with her for over 15 years, I often have to check to be sure that it is her voice, she’s that versatile. A consumate pro, a killer voice and a joy to work with.

John Covert, President Covert Creative Group

Two takes into my first session with Jen, I had the engineer mute the talk back so I could ask him; “Okay…why the hell haven’t you told me about her sooner?” She’s flat out amazing! And putting her world-class voice aside for a moment, Jen has IT. She’s signature. You know when Tiger hits a drive, or when Bruckheimer makes a movie? Well that’s what it’s like when Jen voices a session.

Paul Manutes, Writer/Producer/Director, Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group

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