Voices Of The Week

October 15, 2015

Work is picking up and it’s basically CHRISTMAS in the booth right now. I know…right? I’m not ready either! Aside from the regular stuff  (thank the stars, planets and God for regular gigs) I got to play the voice of a Tiger and a robot this week which was thrilling! Sunspots in Orlando for the Tiger part and the folks at Adult Swim for the robot…well..it was really the Jen Sweeney version of Siri. I could do that read all day! Ha! The engineer laughed during the session when he realized he could make crappy edits that would sound GREAT! That is sort of what I did for my audition for that job. Just kind of butting things up close and making it sound somewhat stilted. For the Tiger part…well..it wasn’t a stretch for me to find my inner tiger. So close to the Cougar…which just comes naturally to me..(twirls on toes)… Grrrr Thanks for the work and the fun!