August 7, 2015

This is my first blog on my fresh new website… thanks for stopping by! Check out my new radio imaging demos! Eric Romanowski at http://earblowingaudio.com is the absolute SHIZ! He and I collaborate so well together…like…we finish each other’s sentences, man. If you’re in the market for new demos he’s the dude to call!

As of this post my voice has been on the Jimmy Kimmel show four times! And I’ve got a national campaign coming up for a product I can’t mention right now!

Oh! Check out the video game trailer I did for En Masse entertainment!

The gunner is a total badass and I so loved working with the guys at en masse! Josh Fullmore and the lovely and talented Aaron LeMay set me loose, and we had a blast! Just the right amount of freedom and guided direction. I do so enjoy packing heat in the land of make-believe!

Blog you later!