Jen Sweeney and Pearl the horse

Jen lives with a farm full of fluffy and feathered critters on a hilltop in Northwest Arkansas. She’s been a full time voiceover pro for nearly 25 years. She’s honored to be the Mother of an amazing daughter, who happens to be a competitive equestrian. They travel in an Airstream Baked Potato Studio to horse shows around the country, and Jen brings her VO show on the road. Jen loves sushi, the color purple, and really strong coffee!  Cheers!

Jen Sweeney is a true voiceover artist. Her arsenal of talent is backed by an acting, singing, and radio background, which not only sets her apart from the vast ocean of voices out there, but also provides her with a deep well from which to draw. She’s versatile as hell with a palatial range. This is why she consistently works in just about every genre of the voiceover industry, and has for over 25 years.

NAIL IT! In terms of customer service? Jen delivers. Big time. Her clients LOVE working with her! Ask any of them! She can self direct when needed, but also LOVES the collaborative, creative process, and tends to leave the directors, writers, producers, and engineers she works with very happy they hired her.

Wild Plum Studio is a top of the line home-based facility on a mountaintop in Northwest AR. Jen’s success has allowed her to invest in only the best recording gear. She’s not messing around. It’s part of the gig, man! Jen can accommodate Source Connect and ipDTL sessions, as well as phone patch, carrier pigeon, and tin cans with strings.



A consummate professional, Jen’s performance arsenal of acting, singing and radio experience permeates her unique sound. She’s an extremely versatile performer working in every field of the voiceover industry, including TV, Radio, Narration, E Learning, New Media, Video Games, and more. Regionally…nationally…globally.

When it comes to customer service, Jen Sweeney DELIVERS…big time. You’ll LOVE working with Jen on so many levels. Ask any of her clients. Her goal is to try and make your day as an engineer, producer, director, program director or fellow actor just a little bit easier. When you hire Jen, she is at your service.


Studio Line: 479.208.2497


New York: 212.730.4500,
Los Angeles 310.324.9800
All other inquiries please email

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Jen makes 98-9 Liberty POP! She is easy to work with and her out takes are hilarious! Get her for your station today!

Bill West from 98.9 LIBERTY

I’ve sent Jen the most ludicrous scripts, from a Russian accent on a Russian bride order line to pharmaceutical babble like ‘the FLT3 receptor has antiproliferative and proapoptotic activity in hematological cell lines and VEGF-receptor tyrosine kinases.’ She knocks it out beautifully.

lazlow, Audio Producer, Grand Theft Auto games

Stated simply- Jennifer is the most versatile voice over artist that I know. From hard sell to soft sell, high drama or low, comedy, irony, sincerity, educational,instructional, motivational, sad, sexy, sweet and dare I add, even Shakespearian- she delivers it all with unmatched style and professionality. Though I have known and worked with her for over 15 years, I often have to check to be sure that it is her voice, she’s that versatile. A consumate pro, a killer voice and a joy to work with.

John Covert, President Covert Creative Group

Two takes into my first session with Jen, I had the engineer mute the talk back so I could ask him; “Okay…why the hell haven’t you told me about her sooner?” She’s flat out amazing! And putting her world-class voice aside for a moment, Jen has IT. She’s signature. You know when Tiger hits a drive, or when Bruckheimer makes a movie? Well that’s what it’s like when Jen voices a session.

Paul Manutes, Writer/Producer/Director, Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group

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